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本物のビンテージ着物を織り込んだアクリル素材を用いています。ユニバーサルなスカルと日本の菊をデフォルメしたとてもユニークなデザインで、職人さんの手で作られた全て一点物です。 *手作りですので、模様の出かたが写真と多少異なる旨、ご了承下さいませ。 *手作りの為、サイズに微妙な違いが出る可能性があります。 Made from acrylic and real vintage kimono or rice paper, this eye-catching cuff is handmade in Japan. Western and Eastern style meld to form this uniquely crafted bracelet.It features a detailed skull design siting on top of a chrysanthemum floral pattern.The cuff's construction includes overlaid and embedded fabric, each pieces in Amaterasu's jewelry collection features a laser cut outline which is vent an formed by hand into it's final shape.